SAP Practice

IT is clearly revolutionizing business. IT’s impact transcends geography — enabling enterprises to gain a distinct competitive advantage. But is investing in any kind of technology going to work for your business? Certainly not, it has to be an intelligent investment.

You know you need to provide appreciable returns to shareholders and investors. Therefore, it is essential that your IT-enabled investments provide measurable business outcomes. At BitsAI , our SAP specialists work with your priorities in mind: we help clients realize measurable business value from their investments — keeping your businesses and profitable.

BitsAI ’s portfolio includes several next generation service offerings designed to help manage and reduce the costs of SAP investments so you can focus more of your IT budget on the digital technology requirements of the future. Our portfolio includes SAP enterprise architecture and design as well as full-service implementation and deployment across technology solutions.

SAP Cost Reduction

BitsAI offers best-of-class solutions designed to help your organization reduce the cost of your SAP investments.

  • Global Deployment:

    Our SAP specialists are experienced in multi-country SAP deployments, where our proven delivery model helps reduce costs by up to 25 percent, compared to most traditional models. By maximizing the use of our support team, we are able to provide localized support and meet your unique business needs.

  • Instance Consolidation:

    Operating multiple SAP systems— some of which require significant support and maintenance from your IT department — can be costly and inefficient. Consolidating multiple SAP instances into a single global instance can deliver operational cost reductions of up to 25 to 30 percent. BitsAI offers a proprietary instance consolidation approach that reviews and realigns existing client and instance strategies to accelerate global consolidation projects, lowering the total cost of ownership and operating risk.

  • Minimum Viable Product:

    BitsAI can help streamline your SAP landscape by enabling you to acquire a deeper understanding of your SAP minimum viable product – the most efficient, cost-effective SAP possible for your business. Our SAP architects identify opportunities to consolidate and optimize the current business solution — allowing a substantial reduction of user and maintenance fees, and replacing unnecessary customization with standard SAP tools.

  • Core SAP ERP:

    BitsAI ’s end-to-end services are designed to help enterprises deploy, implement and upgrade SAP ERP software and associated products. Customers can incorporate ERP systems to achieve their full potential with minimal hassle – allowing them to eliminate complexity, reduce costs, and effectively manage functional operations. We combine proven technologies with our experience across industries from hundreds of engagements to deliver solutions covering all major areas, including SAP CRM, SAP SCM, and SAP PLM.

  • SAP PLM:

    As product innovation becomes an important differentiator for manufacturers, product life-cycle management becomes critical to gain a competitive advantage in the market. With SAP PLM, BitsAI helps your organization quickly develop and deliver the products that drive your business while adding value throughout the product development life-cycle.

  • SAP SCM:

    With increasing budgetary restraints, many supply chain managers are forced to adopt more complex and specialized business processes, which stretch internal competencies and make further benefits harder to identify. With SAP SCM, BitsAI applies an assessment methodology to help identify where real improvement opportunities exist, replacing reliance on generic benchmark data to deliver highly targeted and meaningful results.

Our Key Service Offerings are:

  • Consulting Services:

    Value Engineering , SAP Investment Optimization, SAP De-customization.

  • Industrialized Services:

    SAP Application Development & Maintenance (ADM)/ Upgrade/ Migration services leveraging Automation and Factory models.

  • NextGen SAP Services:

    Digital offerings leveraging Next Generation SAP Technologies: HANA; Mobility; Cloud; Fiori; Hybris; Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Industry-specific Solutions/Services:

    Pre-Configured/Rapid Deployment Solutions for CPG, Discrete Manufacturing, Energy & Petrochemicals, Engineering & Construction.